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For the Thousands of struggling Israelis, Meir Panim is a pillar of hope, It's where they receive a warm meal, a welcoming smile, every day. 

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Meir Panim Giving with Dignity


Everyday Meals

Meir Panim hosts daily meals so that every person in Israel can live with dignity.
 Go ahead “Make a difference” let them all eat like everyone else.

Please sponsor our Pre-Paid Food Cards, with which they can shop with dignity at their local supermarket, Or by sending Baskets full of food-staples directly to their home, Sponsor a meal at the Meir Panim Free Restaurant Branches.

Help us make this really work, and that no one in Israel goes hungry, Please help make it happen for them today.

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Giving with Dignity

Tens of thousands of people all over the country come to our dining centres and enjoy hot, delicious and nutritious meals every day, with menus created by nutritionists to ensure the diners’ health and welfare

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Meir Panim Food Packages

Food Packages

Helping the needy celebrate and rejoice like the rest of us! Every day in general, and in particular when the Chagim approach, the social gaps in Israel become all the more apparent, and with them, the critical need to assist the weaker sectors of the population. 

Prior to each holiday, we run a huge food distribution project, delivering a large assortment of food items to each family so that they can prepare full, festive meals and feel – even if only for a short while – just like everyone else.

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Meir Panim Education Programs


After School Clubs and Tutoring

“Not every child is happy to hear the bell at the end of the school day, and not everyone has a hug and a warm meal waiting for them at home.”
 A formal afternoon framework can provide a supportive anchor and physical and mental relief for many children. Meir Panim’s  programs were established specifically to prevent loitering, dropping out of school, and exposure to the many dangers of the street.
 At the clubs, the children receive a warm meal, homework assistance, enrichment courses, a listening ear, support, a solid framework and even another light meal before they return to their homes


School Supplies New Year

Or Akiva - where Ilanit is hard at work preparing "kalmar" (pencil case in hebrew) kits for her local students. Getting these new supplies can be a serious financial burden on families and these bright and shiny new sets will certainly bring smiles to the kids faces who otherwise would go with out. 

The general school supplies list around here includes a large folio for art class where parts also purchase a whole set of art materials from sketchbook to paint and clay materials. 

This will definitely set their year off on the right start. 


Youth Clubs = Education for Life


The population joining the groups are from Jewish and a variety of ethnic backgrounds in the mixed city of Lod, as well as to a mix of young men who have chosen a different path from their families and need to find a way to be productive. We are opening another group in September for young women at risk, etc. Courses offer intensive training in a variety of subjects. The current courses are offered in Automotive Technology, and the alumni will all have the option of working at Car Rental companies, such as Hertz.

Meir Panim Education and Good Nutrition

Meir Panim Youth Clubs, Building Blocks, Vocational Education programs, Job Placement int workforce

Youth Building blocks - Vocational Training

Training young men and women aged 18-25, who are not in a framework of any kind, with a troubled future ahead of them. They receive an intense 18-month education in one specific area, as well as guaranteed employment at the end of their training. Part of the training includes helping the community with their newly acquired skills 

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Hot Lunch in School

Childhood innocence meets hardship and poverty… The cycle of poverty has no face, no gender, and no age. All it takes is a parent struggling with a medical, emotional or financial crisis to plunge the entire family to the brink of starvation. This cycle of poverty does not skip over children, either. 

These children go to school every day, looking on longingly as their peers enjoy a vastly different life; relaxed, happy, full…

To help these children succeed in their studies and perhaps even break this cycle of poverty someday, we ensure their food security by delivering warm, nutritious meals to their schools for a nominal fee of 3 ILS (approximately 78 cents) per meal, and in extreme situations, free of charge

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Adopt a Child for a Year - Nutrition

Australian Friends of Meir Panim are thrilled to announce that Four Israeli children have been sponsored for a year by a loving Sydney couple Joseph and Isabel Faul, covering the 
childrens dietary needs.  

This special couple also left us the following message 

“Thank-you and Yasherkoach on the good work you do!” 

Meir Panim Israel’s premier Nutrition Centres and Vocational Training programs, Meir Panim has a “Big Heart” and is a source of wellbeing and Simcha for many. It is also where Israel’s most vulnerable are cared for in an atmosphere of love, compassion and personal support. 

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Meir Panim Care, Homeware and Support


Food Shopping Cards

Meir Panim’s shopping cards are a unique and innovative initiative, enabling struggling families to shop at local retail chains using prepaid shopping cards. 

In this way, we ensure these destitute individuals’ food security and provide them with an opportunity to select their own preferred food products in dignity and self-respect, at the same time ensuring that only essential food items are purchased. 

The cards are restricted and cannot be used for purchase of cigarettes or alcohol.

Shopping cards support a family

The Power of Giving - Homeware

Collecting, adapting and distributing second-hand furniture and equipment to people in need 

“The Power of Giving,” one of our very exciting projects, is a unique platform for collecting and distributing old furniture and equipment. 

The collected equipment undergoes upgrading, cleaning and repair by volunteers of all ages and walks of life. 

Religious and secular teenagers from schools and youth groups, soldiers in the officers’ training course and IDF’s Southern Command join us every month, 

A group of individuals with special needs, technicians and professionals who inspect every piece of equipment that comes into the centre; all join us on a volunteer basis, putting their whole heart into this unique program.

Power of giving - homeware and appliances

Meals on Wheels

Meir Panim operates a meal delivery system to homes of people who, for various reasons, cannot come to our dining centers. 

Meir Panim’s devoted couriers are not satisfied with mere delivery of the meals. 

Once in the recipient’s home, they check his/her health situation, see whether he/her has run out of medication, or if an appliance is in need of repair or replacement

Meals on Wheels and Assisted Living

About Us


How We're Helping

As one of Israel’s largest relief organisations Meir Panim is on the front line in the daily battle against poverty and hunger in Israel, but we rely on public generosity.

We work hard to provide a large range of services and over our 15 years in operation we have built up our provision to reach many of those in need.

With an annual budget of over Five Million Dollars, 36% of our donations come from within Israel. We have over 1,500 devoted volunteers nationwide.

Schools are helping Meir Panim and educating at the same time for caring sharing and sensitivity

Get your school Involved

Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!.  Photo; Sinai Collage Brisbane, Purim function, fundraiser for Meir Panim

International Groups, like MASA regularly volunteer at meir Panim Clubs and Kitchens

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

MASA International Group Volunteering at serving lunch

Endorsements, Projects and Programs



Prime Minister of the State of Israel

Mr Benjamin Netanyahu

‘I have had the privilege of witnessing Meir Panim’s activities on behalf of the needy in Israel... supplying services to the needy with dignity and with a view to aiding them in their return to an independent lifestyle.’ 



Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel, EM

Rabbi Israel Meir Lau 

‘Go take a look at Meir Panim! There, in the food centres, you will see the radiant faces that shine upon all those in distress and despair, there you will find alongside the food being served a warm smile and a kind word.’ 



President of the State of Israel 

Reuven Rivlin 

‘The Meir Panim organization brings people together... they care for all the needs of those who cannot support themselves, and, in a very real sense,’ 

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Meir Panim Soup Kitchen in action


To improve the day to day life of thousands of Children, Families and Holocaust survivors we feed, care and support.

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When writing or updating your will please consider including Meir Panim, as your gift to the future of the Jewish Nation in Israel. 

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Are a meaningful gift for that someone special? Going out for dinner or to a Simcha, Give your host something worthwhile.


The Reality of Hunger Short movie

Go Ahead, take one more Kid OFF the Hungry list

OK so you have come this far down this website, don't let it pass without making a difference, every kid we feed is one kid less on the Hunger list, You rock his world, with peace of mind to study, You - Yes you may be just the thing that breaks his cycle of poverty...


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